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Continuing Education Workshop – The Yoga of Tantra

For Teachers & Experienced Practitioners

10 days – 30 hours

March 9-19, 2015

$550 (Jan. 15 Early Bird Price $475)

Student Qualifications

This program will be of interest to any yoga aficionado who maintains a consistent practice and is capable of sustaining rigorous physical and mental education for 10 days.

StudentQualifications If you have completed your 200 hour YTT with an accredited Yoga Alliance school, then you are required to complete continuing education hours every three years: 45 hours teaching + 30 hours training.

Yoga Alliance CE Requirements

Program Description

The knowledge of the mind and consciousness is recorded in texts of the Tantras, written in Sanskrit. This limits access to the information to a very small minority who know that language or topic. Yogeshwar Surajnath Siddh is one of a few students of the science of the mind who have studied these texts and can explain them in modern language so that sincere seekers can avail themselves of their valuable yogic techniques.

“The first aim of the Tantric texts is Dharana (concentration). All the wealth, assets, luxuries and comforts that one can have in this world are of no use if the mind is uncontrolled and dissipated. This whole world is nothing but a play of energy. The practice of dharana explodes the atom of energy within the mind through a spiritual process, so that it can be harnessed to accelerate the evolution of individual consciousness.” -Surajnath Siddh



This introductory 30-hour workshop will help you bring the secrets of Tantra to your yoga practice. It offers a broad overview and some deep insights to tantric theory and its profound meaning in our world, including great emphasis on the revaluation of the status and role of women as it was intended in the Tantras.

It will be an interactive workshop combining theory with discussion and practice.





The curriculum includes:

  • Initiation and permission from a duly-empowered guru of appropriate lineage, to practice tantra techniques (following screening and personal interview)
  • 7 (2 hour) lecture and discussion sessions including an overview of Tantra, its techniques and rituals: mantras, dharanis, yantra, mudra, pranayama, visual aids, and drumming
  • 10 (90 minute) experiential Tantra Yoga sessions
  • 5 (30 minute) yog nidra and guided meditations based on visualization of deity of your choice
  • 6 non-contact hours of reading and journal reflection




College Retreat Program Schedule, Monday – Saturday
5:30 – 6:30Meditation in main hall, grand residence (optional)
6:30 – 8:00Tantra Yoga class
8:00Light breakfast
8:30 – 10:30Lecture #1 – Tantra Theories
12:00 – 2:00Rest
2:00 – 3:30Lecture #2 – Student led ‘Teach Backs’ – Theory & Practice
3:30 – 4:00Yog Nidra or Guided Tantra Meditations
4:00 – 6:00Individual meetings, ayurveda appointments, local outings, study, or free time
8:00Puja & Satsang
8:30Meditation & study
10:00Lights Out!


Yogeshwar Surajnath Siddh, RYT 500

Ashram leader and President of Shridev Trust, Surajnath is the program?s host and facilitator. With an M.A in Yoga Psychology, Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, he specializes in traditional Hatha and Tantra Yoga. You can read more about him at GURU BIO. And you can enjoy his blog at Suraj Darshan

Sherry Minnard (Shree), RYT 500

Director of Yoga Programs, Credentialed Yoga Therapist, MSc Psychology of Creativity and Leadership, State University of New York. You can enjoy her blog at Raj Yogini.


Dr. Mrinalini Kumari

MSc, PhD, PG Dip in Yoga Edu; Certified in Naturopathy and Acupressure. Published yoga researcher and writer, 8 years experience as a lifestyle, diet, yoga, alternative medicine consultant, counselor, healer and therapist. Dr. Kumari will be Shri Jasnath Asan’s consultant in curriculum development and course coordination, ensuring our students receive the best education.


For further information on qualifications and certifications of our instructors, please Contact Us


The residential program also includes:

  • Double occupancy room with washroom attached, or in the community center
  • Three organic, Sattvic meals daily, including 2 chai or coffee
  • Transportation to/from Jodhpur train station or airport
  • 1 excurstion to local temple plus 1 overnight stay at our Eco Retreat . Sleep under the stars in complete, desert silence! Other trips available upon request.
  • Havan & Puja daily in the temple.
  • Private spiritual counseling with Yogeshwar Surajnath Siddh


Fun Option – Tour India before the workshop!

Consider coming to India Feb. 23 to see a few cities and participate in the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh. To participate in the tour, Contact Us and we will connect you with Rajasthan Tours who will add you to a group and send you the itinerary and registration information.


Continue your stay…

Of course, you are welcome to stay on at the ashram at the program’s conclusion for some R & R on your own either as a paying guest Your Stay at SJA or in our Karma Yoga program as a guest teacher.


Shri Jasnath Asan’s Teacher-In-Residence Program

You need to provide proof of 45 hours of teaching in three years to Yoga Alliance to retain your credential. Consider our 8 week Teacher-In-Residence program to accumulate some or all of your hours. We offer 6 morning classes weekly for adults, and 6 evening childrens classes. You can teach in any of these blocks. Supervision, guidance, and feedback is provided. There is no fee for this program, and no compensation. However, your housing, meals, and local transportation will be provided. Certificate of completion is available for your submission to Yoga Alliance.

To register for the camp, contact

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