Welcome to our newly designed website We have been working diligently on this project for several months with the goal of covering all asan projects, as well as inspiring and educating visitors and disciples. It covers the ashram’s history, the status of our present programs, and designs for the future. I hope we’ve accomplished our mission with this relaunch – a modern and technically creative endeavor. And I very much hope you like it.
Along with the relaunch of the website is my new blog. In it I will share my experiences, and try to unravel the mysteries of humanity. Every month you will find here my thoughts and feelings about this place we call home, its surrounding and the nature upon which we are so profoundly dependent. I will offer many topics of conversation, both philosophical and practical approaches to humanity and ecology. You will also find topics ranging from spirituality, yoga, psychology, sociology, environment, culture and sports, etc.

All the topics I discuss will place a heavy emphasis on spontaneity and the importance of the subjective interpretation of events and surroundings – the personal experience. That is why I’ve chosen to call my blog Suraj Darshan. My name Suraj represents Sun. And Darshan means philosophy. Developing philosophical knowledge of anything gives each of us the opportunity to pursue an understanding of truth. The mechanisms required to think critically about ourselves and our place in the universe and Earth’s ecology gives each of us unique techniques and principles through which we can discover or experience our own truths.

Ignorance is truly the root cause of all suffering. This blog is for the modern man and woman, full of ideas and suggestions as to how to manage oneself as a seeker of knowledge, within a world affected by diverse and sometimes troubling circumstances. Modern man can live better in this world, while benefiting from scriptures and truth seekers of the present day and past. With this knowledge, I believe we can all live a better life together, with a reduction of dualities and other mental conflicts.

Shri Jasnath Asan’s mission is to help people remain happy, healthy, simple and spontaneous. We teach our members and visitors how to love and care for each other and Mother Nature and the same time. We believe that these goals are not mutually exclusive, as some scientists would have us believe. We teach all who are interested, how to sustain the environment, while living a full and enriched life.

I will offer you whatever I have learned and experienced in the hopes that you too can find what you are looking for. Please use it and our Facebook page to keep the conversation going, and stay in touch with friends and followers. If we work together with purpose and passion, we will do creative and constructive things and make this world a bit more beautiful.

Om Shanti and Prem!

Shri Surajnath Siddh