ChangesSince Diwali ended the weather is changing – the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Change is a universal rule, and because of it, the world is more beautiful. The cycles of the moon reminds us of the dynamism of the solar system, of which we are a part. From the seed to a mighty tree, from a small blossom becomes a flower, and in the end all are finished and begin again. In human life we transition from childhood to adulthood, to ancient. If we know the beauty of these stages and have harmony with them, then whatever change brings us is fertile. Because every season has its own pleasure; sunrise and sunset each has its own purpose. The full moon and the dark moon mirror the different stages of life. So there is no boredom in life – always beauty, newness, freshness.

The cold nights have alerted me that we’re at the end of one season, and the beginning of another. There is so much importance in the meeting points between transitions; the apex is the end of one phase and the beginning of the next. That is why we have a particular time for Sadhanas, which are called Navratri. It comes only twice each year when the cold season ends and hot begins, and vice versa. And during this transition period there is much more possibility to understand these changes because the momentum of the environment in which we live effects our consciousness and emotions by triggering our samvedansheel (body’s energy).

We must welcome every new day as a celebration within the continuous combination of changes that is God’s joy – his expression. But if we resist change, we lose energy and experience difficulties. These persistant problems with the necessary adjustment manifests as negativity and constant complaint.

To avoid this frame of mind, you might engage in action – a life performance with grace. It is like crossing a river. Either you go with the stream, or against it. In both cases the goal remains the same. So you can accept the help of the flow, or deny it. It is always your personal choice, one available to us all at every moment, whether the decision is small or large. You can test this theory the next time you are in conversation with a new group of people. In your mind see them as a river. Step into the river and let it take you to new places, growing exponentially with every resolve to just let go and float. To not do so, to stay on the bank of the river, or even worse – to step in and try to swim upstream against new friends will invite unnecessary disagreement, stasis, and lost opportunity.

Now think about your unmet goals from 2013. Let go of the unnecessary ones by giving them up to the flow – let the universe take them away and place them wherever they should be. For the important goals you want to keep, accept the gracious gift of momentum that exists within all genuine missions – it is there to assist you. The flow will bring you there as your efforts will parallel this mysterious mechanism. Together you will design a path around obstacles in an organic expression of your attraction and love of the vision you have created. This frame of mind changes the energy of transitions from “push” to “pull”, and in so doing your personal energy increases and becomes clearer.

So farewell to 2013, and welcome to the changes that 2014 will bring, with open arms.

From your ashram home and family,
Om Shanti and Prem
Shri Surajnath Siddh