The asan (ashram) is the spiritual home to thousands of disciples who lovingly donate their talents and time to further the holy mission set forth by its founders millennia ago. Though not all efforts can be highlighted herein, there are a few people on the asan team that you will see on a daily basis.



Having lived here more than 30 years, and trained by Shri Surajnath Siddh himself. In the guru’s absence, Dungarnath is responsible for all spiritual rituals, conducts individual healing rites as well as morning and evening puja.

Premnath Bhadu

General Manager

As brother to Shri Surajnath, for ten years Premnath has served on the board of Shridev Jasnath Trust, and been the industrious assistant manager of the asan and its many projects including construction and development of funding. Recently promoted to Ashram Manager, he will oversee the development of the Eco-Retreat and Yoga School in Rampura, home to our 4,500 indigenous, medicinal, and fruit trees.

Durga Beniwal

Durga has been involved with the ashram since childhood and has always enjoyed the many programs and activities offered. As a student, she participated in the Girls Yoga Empowerment Camp, where she learned a great deal and gained a deep connection to the ashram. This experience inspired her to get her postgraduate degree in yoga from the Jain Vishva Bharti University in Ladnun, and she has since returned to the ashram to share her knowledge with others. She has volunteered as a teacher for the Children’s Summer Yoga Camp and other social and academic activities and is now working on the ashram’s full-time staff running yoga classes and coordinating the ashram’s general work.

Ramuji Saran

Ashram Guardian & Puja Dancer

A celebrated army veteran who has made the ashram the home of his Seva worship, Ramuji contributes dance to our nightly puja, takes care of both green yards as well as the vegetable garden. He is also responsible for serving guruji and his guests’ meals, and lovingly cares for the ashram’s animal inhabitants.


Ganeshi is from the Pipaliya village, which was previously part of Panchla Siddha. She holds a degree from MDSU Ajmer, and has a diverse background of work experience. She was previously the Cluster Coordinator for the NGO Urmul Trust and was also a Sales Officer at ICIC Bank. Her family is deeply invested in all the values, teaching, and work of the ashram, but it was the programs centered on children, women, and the environment in particular that inspired Ganeshi to join the ashram’s full-time working staff.

Jakhar Malunath

Accountant/Chief Administrator

He is graduated in B.A.(Business Administration).Joining to us after his position in the Taj Hotel in Jodhpur, Jakhar has been with SJA for 6 years as general administrator. But don’t be surprised if you see him on a tractor, in the garden, or driving guests back and forth to the train – He is our go-to-guy!

Papu Sai

Chief Cook & Kitchen Manager

Papu is constantly visible to the asan’s inhabitants and guests as chief cook for four years. He creates nutritious menus in accordance with the principles of a pure sattvic vegetarian diet. He prepares each meal with love and local ingredients, from environmentally sustainable sources.

Champa Devi

Champa Devi is an Ayurveda female technician at the ashram’s Shridevi Wellness Center. Like most rural Western Rajasthan women, she was not provided much education about her health and was therefore at a higher risk for serious disease and health hazards. When she sought guidance from the ashram on her health issues, she changed her lifestyle by incorporating yoga and modern medicine and was able to cure her illness. This experience inspired her, and she now shares the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda to help heal others.

Bhanwarlal (Polu)

The Bhanwarlal family has been connected to the ashram for generations. “Polu,” the name by which he is affectionately called, is deeply involved with the workings of the ashram and is an incredibly skilled multi-tasker. He makes our music drums, woolen shawls, and shoes, all in addition to working as the ground maintenance, in the garden, and doing housekeeping.

Jagdish Kumar

Second Cook, Reflexologist in training

The perpetually happy Jagdish is a quick English learner with a focus on wellness. He splits his time between the Bhoganshala and Shridevi Wellness Center where he seeks to make guests welcome and relaxed, either by booking their appointments and preparing rooms, or by delivering the best foot massage in all of Rajasthan.

Kalpana Mishra

Kalpana Mishra has graduated in E.M.A (Economics). She is trained in medical services. Worked at Vishava Yuva Kendra, Delhi in Psycho-social, with sexually abused and exploited children and adolescent. She did also a research in Tihar Prison. Worked as social economist and joined the Ashram as a volunteer. Now she is with us, working on full-time staff. She works as Ayurvedic cooker and technician, with naturopathy technics. Last but not least she helps in Ashram social programs with children and women.


Ammar has worked in Ningbo, China since 2009. Was a teacher and coordinator for YIC (International Program), and senior yoga therapist, furthermore was in charge of Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana Kolkata (branch of VYASA, Bangalore). Conducted conference and research on Yoga as a joint secretary in Kolkata. Has a diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy.  And he is always working on spreading the importance of Yoga to maximum possible individuals.


The ashram cannot operate without the many faithful, long term volunteers who make festivals and every-day operations possible. The legacy of the ashram is built on generations of exemplary Indian families, and disciple seva who come when they are needed. Taking an absence from their home life, they ensure this spiritual community remains viable and available to all visitors.


Karma yoga is selfless service, the process of achieving perfection in action. Sevadhari’s come to live at the ashram for weeks or months and contribute their time and effort in the act of karma yoga, benefiting the comfort and maintenance of the inhabitants and guests. While performing seva, sevadhari’s take yoga and meditation classes, participate in all spiritual activities, have full access to the library, and three organic, nutritious vegetarian meals.

SJA International Affiliates

Shri Jasnath Asan’s international yoga affiliates seek to bring yoga to their larger community, living always within the principles of a yogic lifestyle. They send groups of yoga students or teachers to the ashram annually to enhance their training in the traditions of Hatha Yoga, meditation, pranayama, and further their understanding of the interdependence of yoga and the ecology.

Shreejan Sita

SJA U.S. Affiliate

PhD Scholar, Integrative Medicine, M.Sc Creativity & Change Leadership SUNY Buffalo, NY, USA, Certified with International Association of Yoga Therapists; Yoga Therapist in the Shrievi Wellness Center, and owner of Sita Wellness LLC in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Shree relocated to Rajasthan, India in 2013 to improve her practices in the seat of the Siddha Yogis, and to increase her understanding of yoga’s interdependence with nature and social development. Shree teaches Therapeutic Hatha Fundamentals, leads the popular Yoga Lifestyle Workshop every winter , and has launched programs for young adults at the ashram focusing on personal leadership and outstanding communication. She is the founder of Utsava Maa, the annual Celebration of the Great Maa festival. Read her blog Shree Beeja, and watch her online interviews I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THAT GUY and I’M A YOGA WARRIOR. You can write to her at

Sarah Appelt

SJA German Affiliate

Diploma in Tourism Management and Yoga Allicance ERYT500.
Sarah has been leaving in India for five years. She came to India as a nineteen-year-old volunteer to teach children in Delhi’s slums for a year.
During this time she fell in love with India, its people and culture and decided to stay.
Whenever her schedule allows her, she comes to Shri Jasnath Asan,which has become her second home in India. (Watch her movie on this page!) Here she conducts Yoga retreats, teaches Yoga and English classes for adults and children and supports the Ashram Team at Yoga Therapy clinics and
Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

Now she is organizing trekking, cycling, Yoga and cultural Trips in India to introduce more people to the magic of India, and the ashram. To discuss your next vacation, connect with Sarah:


SJA Affiliate

Silvia discovered the ashram during her first trip to India when attending Utsava Maa, and now works virtually with SJA as the Community Engagement Project Manager. She is from Colorado in the U.S., where she currently resides, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Women & Gender Studies with a minor in Hindi/Urdu. She has completed a CYT 200 training, and though she does not teach, has a deep appreciation for what yoga and Ayurveda can do for our health.


Ayurveda Practioner




Ground Maintainance