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Jasnath Gauseva Samiti

Gau Mahotsav - Grand Celebration of Cows

28 March – 05 April 2017

Gau Mahotsav

This celebration begins on the Hindu new year, according to the lunar calendar. It will run during Navratri, a period of nine days, representing a change in atmospheric and climatic conditions, which are conducive to spiritual practices. The first day of celebrations commence on the 28th March and the celebration will conclude with a bhandara, or free feast offering, on the 5th April.

Discourses will be held on animal welfare and its link to nature, and the human responsibility in not disrupting the natural cycles of life. It is easy to have a connection to cows, and this can be an introduction to extend sensitivity and awareness to other animals, birds and plants.

Yogeshwar Surjnath Siddh, head of Shri Jasnath Asan, will be present throughout all events to give a blessing to the celebration, this pure or holy presence is called paawan sanidhya in Hindi.

Shri Karishna

The daily program is as follows:-

12pm to 4pm: Srimad Bhagavatam.

Reading of this vedic scripture, which centers around the love of Lord Krishna, and promotes bhakti (devotion) to Him and contains spiritual knowledge.

8pm to 10pm: Nani Bai Ka Mayara.

Singing of devotional songs (bhajan) and dancing. Listen here

2nd April 8pm – 10pm Special seminar on Environment and Clean India.