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College Yoga Empowerment Camp

November 5-7, 2015

Program Design

  • 3 day complete package for up to 40 students
  • 2 large dormitory rooms – Male/Female
  • Community washrooms
  • 3 meals + 2 chai daily
  • 1 yoga class, 1 lecture & 1 satsang daily

Experience a Yogic Lifestyle

Adopting a basic yogic lifestyle which includes asana, meditation and pranayama will:

  • Help you become a better student with improved energy, focus and concentration
  • Avoid stress by remaining present in every moment, on and off the mat
  • Make friends instantly with your new yoga community
  • In a world of constant transition, treat your mat like a safety sanctuary during and after school
  • Avoid recurrent illness (and the resulting missed work) by improving your immune system

“I feel truly blessed to participate in the yoga retreat at SJA. I learned how to stay on my mat and be patient, breathing – this has brought me additional focus and energy. Plus I’m more flexible for football!”

-Suman Bhadu, Senior Class, Ajmer

Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani voiced her expectation to thousands of college students during the 30 September Microsoft Talent India 2014 Conference in Delhi – “it is the power of the youth that is going to help the country achieve greater heights of success.” Then Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained how to meet with this challenge successfully – “You have to fall in love with what you do; everything else becomes easy.”

But how is this possible when college is so stressful? Young adults away from their families are expected to make new friends, get good grades, take care of themselves physically and financially, all while preparing to launch themselves into a world where they are expected to change and improve humanity.

Students and teachers say…

Yoga Instructor Gautham reported in The India Times on Sep 29, 2014 that an urban environment can easily cause chronic stress to children, which can be dealt with through meditation and yoga:

“Problems like stress, low self confidence and self-esteem, peer pressure, etc. can be easily dealt with through yoga,” He stresses, “Yoga gives children a space, and a place where they can let their guards down and understand their own private experience. They don’t need to be wary and careful all the time. They can learn to explore their inner lives.”

It is not a surprise that many college students we counsel at Shri Jasnath Asan are suffering from alopecia (stress related hair loss), irregular heart rate, uncontrolled weight gain, and insomnia. There is a solution. Let’s get them better prepared to manage the stress that comes with leadership and success.


Included in the program is one two-hour lecture daily focusing on English conversation skills and organizational topics:

  • Human Behaviour
  • Body language
  • Creativity (includes individual creativity test with analysis

College Retreat Program Schedule, Monday – Saturday
6:30 – 8:00Yoga class – asana, chanting, meditation, pranayama
8:00Light breakfast
8:30 – 10:30Karma Yoga
4:00-6:00Sports, ayurveda appointments, individual spiritual counseling
8:00Puja, Satsang
8:30Meditation & study (Movie night – Saturday)
10:00Lights Out!

Let’s Get To Work!

We look forward to meeting your students. See Your Stay at SJA for more information about our ashram and facilities. And check our Our Team to read more about credentials and qualifications of the instructors.

Then Contact Us with your questions and requirements and we’ll get right back to you with a proposal.