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Corporate Retreat

November 2-4, 2015

Program Description

  • 3-day complete package for up to 40 participants
  • 1 yoga class, 1 lecture & 1 satsang daily
  • Creativity Style Test & analysis
  • Deluxe, standard, garden or dormitory housing with yoga mat, sheet, blanket & pillow
  • 3 meals +2 chai daily
  • Extra – healing appointments: Ayurveda, Reiki, Massage

Program’s Purpose

A May 2014 Adobe survey of 300 large global companies across a diverse set of industries seeking to understand how creativity impacts business results discovered that companies that foster it:

  • achieve more exceptional revenue growththan peers
  • enjoy a greater market share
  • win recognition as best places to work
  • enjoy higher levels of loyalty & retention
  • -The Times of India, Ascent Global, 8 Oct. 2014, pg. 2

Are you part of the successful 10%

However, even knowing these facts, only about 10% of those companies surveyed confessed to supporting initiatives that manifested and nurtured creativity in its employment ranks. If you are part of the 90% ignoring the importance of creativity in your employees, begin to fix this error with a Corporate Yoga program at Shri Jasnath Asan. Our retreat aims to push your organization up on creative ladder by framing creativity as a state of mind, accessible through yogic practices – a state of vibrant life.

Program Design

A ‘working retreat’ for your leaders and managers. Practice yoga with three qualified instructors, eat and sleep well, unwind in a serene environment.

Attend two lectures daily: one will focus on increasing creativity in management, blending theoretical with practical activities.

The second lecture of the day should be provided by your HR manager, engaging your group in games and activities concerning on your company’s mission and goals. During your free time, enjoy fellowship with the ashram family, the rural environment of the village, and a stroll in the desert.

Creativity Instructor

Shri Jasnath Asan is offering this ‘working retreat’ for your team evolved from the research from our Director of Yoga Programs.

Shree (Sherry Minnard)
Director Yoga Programs
  • MSc Creativity & Change Leadership, State University of New York at Buffalo, U.S.
  • 10 years experience as an Organization Development Specialist with Fortune 200-300 companies, focusing on building more creative teams
  • 5 years as university instructor in creative business skills education for professionals
  • 20 years yoga practitioner
  • Poet and published co-author: Leadership Essentials in the Wellness Industry, Cengage Learning, NY


“Creativity in society today seems to be more and more interpreted as that phase which precedes an innovation only. People look at masterpieces and inventions and believe that creativity involves a lot of doing – things done with the eyes open: brainstorming, mindmapping, dialogue. These are absolutely important methods for communicating your creative insights – a very important skill to have in a team or organization.”

Dr. Michael O’Neil,
Chief Business Development Officer,
The Relational Capital Group says:

“Sherry is positive and creative. She is able to bring that to her clients. What’s extraordinary about Sherry is that she walks the talk. She lives what she teaches and is driven to pass her insights and beliefs that we all have within us a unique way of expressing our creativity. Additionally Sherry understands the power of creativity in the world space and how important it is to tap into that creativity if businesses are going to maximize their potential.”

Our Team

Check out Our Team for credentials and qualifications of the rest of our teachers and team.


Corporate Retreat Daily Schedule, Monday – Saturday
6:30 – 8:00Yoga class: asana, chanting, meditation, pranayama
8:00Light breakfast
8:30 – 10:30Lecture #1 – SJA provides this
2:00-4:00Lecture #2 – You provide this
4:00-6:00Individual meetings, ayurveda appointments, local outings or free time
8:00Puja & Satsang
8:30Meditation & study
8:00Puja & Satsang

What Kind of Creativity?

Sudhakar Dantiki, Director India, Akzonobel Automotive & Aerospace Coatings suggests that most new employees are lacking in soft skills such as the ability to persuade others with their ideas and/or build on others ideas. -The Times of India, Ascent Global, 8 Oct. 2014, pg. 1

“I’ve always been more concerned with what happens before the doing…The thing that happens when you are alone with your eyes closed. Because creativity starts in an individual. Therefore you can only be creative if you are an individual, free from the expectations of teams and large organizations. This might seem counterproductive to team leaders, but if you are one to then go back to the organization with your enlightenment, taking your new ‘creativity’ ability is possible. I’ve seen it transform individuals, teams, and whole organizations.” -Shree, Director of Yoga Programs, SJA

Goal Planning

Participation in this working retreat should be in line with your organizational needs (present and future):

  • Management, employee, or client incentives
  • Part of your employee benefits package
  • Team building or communication training
  • Customer service training
  • Promotional incentives
  • Empowerment, goal actualization, or stress management
  • A rich cultural experience

Let’s Get To Work!

We look forward to meeting your team. See Your Stay at SJA for more information about our ashram and its offerings. Then Contact Us with your requirements and we’ll get right back to you with a proposal.