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Thank you for your registration. We will get back to you via email shortly with a letter of acceptance and continued registration procedure information. Welcome to the Shri Jasnath Asan family! We look forward to practicing with you. In the mean time, connect with us on Facebook


Tenets & Gunas

Tenets of Shri Jasnath Spiritual Tradition

  • Anyone placing his trust in Shri Jasnath, no matter what race, religion, gender, or culture; will act positively, efficiently and constructively.
  • He will, after washing and cleaning himself daily, light the lamp of love before God’s image, utter His name and chant His glories.
  • He will restrain his senses with determination and perseverance; meditate to connect with Shiva, the Spirit inside.
  • He will share, shoulder and support higher life ideals and aspirations as well as Guru’s vision and mission. By the blessings of elders and holy beings, neither fire nor thorns will affect his material well-being.
  • He will be kind and generous in his interactions; foster his family, community and environment; be hospitable to guests.
  • He will speak truthfully and with measure, not indulge in idle chatter and upkeep his promises. He will appreciate and imbibe virtue.
  • He shall not succumb to or get strayed by darkness, delusion or fear but will express optimism, clarity of mind, and fearlessness. Even in the face of starvation, he shall not murder.
  • He shall not weaken and dissipate himself by the consumption of intoxicants or stimulants; he will strengthen with nutritious vegetarian meals, walking purposefully toward a worthy life goal.
  • He shall not exploit adverse circumstances upon others, degrade or commoditize living beings; he will instead uplift the oppressed, the needy and the downtrodden.



The Three Faces of Shiva

The Gunas in the Jasnath Spiritual Tradition

According to the Baghavaad Gita, the Gunas are three principles that serve as the fundamental operating principles or ‘tendencies’ of man’s universal nature. They are the qualities that categorize our behavior, with a goal of keeping each guna in balance: more sattwa, some rajas, and a little tamas. The tenets of the Jasnath Spiritual Tradition seek this balance:

Guna Focus of Guna Purpose of Sutra Jasnath Tenets
Sattwa Balance, order, purity Increase Sattwa 1 – 3
Rajas Change, movement, dynamism Express Rajas 4 – 6
Tamas Lethargy, dullness – associated with darkness, ignorance & destruction Reduce Tamas 7 – 9

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