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Thank you for your registration. We will get back to you via email shortly with a letter of acceptance and continued registration procedure information. Welcome to the Shri Jasnath Asan family! We look forward to practicing with you. In the mean time, connect with us on Facebook


Your Stay at SJA

Rajasthan has a special place in every international traveller’s diary. Famed for its desert forts and safaris, brilliant palaces and mansions, spectacular temples and wildlife, Rajasthan attracts people from all corners of the globe. Whether to catch a glimpse of medieval ruins, or behold the dexterity of immaculate craftsmanship, or to soak in the old world charm, or to enchant oneself with the colourful bazaar – Rajasthan beckons one and all.

Shri Jasnath Asan is situated in the tiny village of Panchla Siddha, nestled in a 16th century medieval fort. It has a modern yet classical presence, offering the pursuit of inner peace and exploration. The campus is spread out over five noise-free acres rendered pleasant and amiable by the live concert of birds.

The construction is state-of-art

The construction is state-of-art red sandstone quarried from within the region. The facilities have been designed to make a traveller’s stay comfortable, easy on the pocket and hassle free. Your days can be peaceful and reclusive as you journey on a unique spiritual path apart from visitors, or work to complete your next manuscript in our Writer’s Retreat.

Or you can join the ashram

Or you can join the ashram inhabitants in a daily schedule filled with early morning karma yoga, followed by asana practice, brunch, games and fun with the village children, worship in the temple with baby naming, wedding parties seeking blessings from a saint, and community meetings on the temple lawn with ashram residents.

From the Kitchen


Rajasthan is a desert region so the insufficiency of water has a great impact on cooking practices. Yet there’s never a shortage of fantastic, vegetarian food. For example buttermilk and clarified butter are used instead of water. Food that lasts for several days without refrigeration is preferred such as sun-dried sangri, ker, kumat (local vegetables). Local vegetables are rich sources of minerals and vitamins as are the dried lentils and beans from indigenous plants. Don’t miss the delectable desserts and mouth-watering, spicy snacks- each region is renowned for its specialties. Cooking demonstrations are available and encouraged by the kitchen staff.


Breakfast:Bread, sandwiches, cake, biscuits, tea, coffee, fruits, yoghurt, boiled green vegetables, and baked potatoes will constitute a typical breakfast.

Lunch & Dinner:Regional, unique, distinctive cuisine consisting of bread and vegetables; characterized by delicacies like gaate ka saag, mustard leaves, green onions, ker &saangri, gwaarfali, bajra chapati, daal-baati-churma, mawa kachori, kaaju katli, sesame seed laddoo, chilly pickle, karhi, khichra, camel milk ice-cream.


There are 12 rooms within the ashram itself, equipped with all the necessary facilities for the comfort of the visitor. Pure drinking water is provided by a rain water collection tank, and there is a solar heating system for consistent bathing hot water.

Rooms in the main house are equipped with contemporary, luxurious, European bathroom facilities, cotton sheets on single or double beds. If your stay is planned for the winter months, air conditioning is not required.

Within the outer wall is a Dharamsala (pilgrim’s rest home) providing additional basic accommodation, as well as a spacious newly construction meditation hall for yoga practice.

Rates & availability can be discovered

Karma Yoga Program


There are five double rooms available to individuals or couples who want to take advantage of the ashram’s environs, atmosphere, facilities, and education but who are unable to afford deluxe accommodations. These individuals will compensate SJA for their stay with a reduced room fee plus a few hours work daily as assigned by staff…read more

Ayurveda Services


Continue to invest in your health and relaxation with a selection of Ayurveda services from our a la carte menu. We have male and female technicians who can deliver specific interventions for ailments such as knees and spine, headache and digestive disorders. Or you can simply float away with a whole-body oil massage…read more

Local Attractions

Local outings can be arranged. Taxi service is provisioned upon request. Charges are applicable as per vehicle type, distance covered, duration of usage, size of group.

  • Camel rides or overnight safaris
  • Bird Watching – this region is home to your list’s more elusive breeds. Telescopes can be arranged.
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • Nagaur – Nagaur fort (UNESCO award for cultural heritage conservation)
  • Osian – Sachiya Goddess temple
  • Jodhpur: Mehrangarh fort, Umaid Bhavan Palace, Mandor garden

Your Next Destination

Shri Jasnath Asan can serve as a convenient stop-over for touring neighbouring cities such as Jodhpur, Pushkar, Bikaner, and Jaisalmer. Below please find their respective distances from Panchla Siddha, and landmark sites you should consider visiting:

Pushkar (220 kms): Brahma Temple, Pushkar Lake, Camel Fair
Bikaner (160 kms): Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace
Jaisalmer (290 kms): Sonar Qila (fort), Patwa Mansion, Sand dunes

For those more possessed by wanderlust, here are the distances from SJA to prominent tourist attractions in the region:

Udaipur (330 kms)
Mount Abu (370 kms)
Kumbalgarh (275 kms)
Jaipur (290 kms)
Jhunjhunu (280 kms)
Sawai Madhopur (430 kms)
Agra (520 kms)
Ujjain (620 kms)


“Thank you for your hospitality. We all felt like princes and princesses here. And I am really happy that I got a chance to meet you and feel the energy of this magic place. It’s all beautiful here.”– Chiara, Italy, 2011

“I would like to thank you everybody in the ashram. My experience here was really good: sleep well, very tasty food, and very nice people. Very interesting and touching to participate at pooja and kirtan. I hope to come again here.”-Erika, Italy 2012

For your convenience

  • Cloak and storage room is available.
  • Bring 3G SIM or data card for computer internet connection – 2G network is available.
  • Bring your own toiletries and towels. Blankets and yoga mats will be provided.