Jasnath Gauseva Samiti

Established 15, March 1999

Shri Jasnath Gau Seva Samiti (cow care trust) has been operational for 15 years. It is equipped with the best facilities, employing five full time people. It houses 250 adult and infant cows with a variety of needs, cared for by the local big animal veterinary doctor. Some of the medications needed are provided by the government. Others are funded by local business families and villagers, as well as feed, maintenance and upkeep of the property.

Our Goals for the Future

Why Save the Cows?

The Jasnath tradition teaches love for the environment and stresses mercy to animals:
Pehli maata dharpati dooji maata may;
teeji maata vanapati chauthi maata gaaya.

The earth is our first mother.
Our birth mother is second.
Vegetation & trees are venerated as third,
and cow is our fourth

As one of our mothers, we depend on the cows for our existence and the cows depend on us for protection. In Rajasthan, cows are an integral part of the ecosystem, supporting the environment and families. But they don’t do well in maintaining themselves independently. They are domestic animals; they are meant to be protected by human beings. There is a natural relationship between the two, it is a spiritual bond. We are reminded of our responsibility.

Whenever Krishna is depicted in images caring for, or drinking from a cow. He sends the larger message that if we take care of nature, it will in turn take care of us.Rajasthan, like many other parts of the world, is struggling with over population and shortage of resources. Having fallen short of our responsibilities to Mother Earth, it is the intention of SJA and many other Gau Seva in Rajasthan to keep our promise to our creator, and maintain the health of all creatures, whether they are healthy and have a family or not.