Avoid the monotony of a commonplace hotel backdrop for your special day. Instead, organize a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, infused with Vedic chants, sprinkled with folk music under an open, starry night, swooned by birds and breeze. Ride on a mare as the auspicious tunes of the shehnai romances your beloved.

Hold this precious life event amid bright diyas, tree-hung lanterns, flower garlands, and. The campus can be reserved and exclusive for your wedding party. And then break away for an intimate honeymoon, perhaps a morning at Kumbhalgarh Fort, an afternoon at Ranthambore tiger sanctuary, an evening amid panoramic dunes of Jaisalmer, and a night at Mount Abu hill station. Plan an event you and all your guests will remember forever.


  • Sit-down, customized dinner prepared by halwai (traditional chef)
  • Open courtyard with the garland ceremony under the grand, front gate
  • Seven pheras (rounds around sacred fire)
  • Availability of live folk music with shehnai tunes
  • Colourful rangolis
  • Vibrant, spiritual atmosphere