yoga and ecology

‘Yatha pinde tatha brahmande’
The human being is a mirror of the universe.

Though humanity is forever dependent on ecology, the reverse does not hold true; lakes and forests would manage themselves quite well without human intervention. Nonetheless, humanity’s hubris now fuels scientific advances, benefiting humans while destroying the environment we depend on for survival.

yoga is the bridge

Yoga teaches us balance, between the Ida and Pingala (left and right energy channels that run throughout the body) as well as between man and nature, between nature and its creator. Several disciplines in yoga vitalize this profound dependence on nature, and a healthy ecological system, encouraging balance and harmony:

Pranayama (Control of Life Force)

Simple breathing exercises illustrate the obvious and always available connection between the human body and the cosmos – your own breathe. It is the ultimate medium of cosmic life force. It is the bridge between your inner self and outer environment. Begin with Kapalbhati (skull shining) and transform your practice.

Asana (Controlled yogic postures) Most of yoga postures have been taken from the animal kingdom. Nature has given all animals specialties. For example we have simgarjanasana from the lion’s powerful roar, and bhujangasana from the cobra’s flexible spine. The human can also attain these specialties of power through constant practice of asana. Did you ever consider that animals remain close to nature, and that is why they have less illness than humans?

Yoga Nidra

(Sleeplike guided meditations) Many of the yoga nidra we use in our programs lead the participant through explorations of natural archetypes such as mountains and rivers. They are designed to stimulate ancient messages in the brain and DNA, activating healing energies that are interminably connected to the cosmos and its creations at a subconscious, undetectable, energetic level.

Use Your Power!

Any thought or any action you effect, on the mat or off, will result in a positive or negative outcome within yourself as well as the system.

You are powerful! Think and behave as such and improve the system which nurtures our existence.