Free group classes are held Monday through Saturday in the new yoga hall or in the gardens depending on weather and attendance. Our current schedule is posted on the front of the building. But before attending, please call for any changes.

Yoga Jagran

Yogeshwar Surajnath Siddh educates families in local villages in week long Yoga Jaggrans (awakenings). During the colder months of November-February, these events conclude with the famous fire dance. To host or sponsor a yoga jaggran in your village, or inquire about the next jaggran nearby your home, please contact

Group Instruction

Many organizations bring large groups to the ashram for week long retreats. The dharamshala can accommodate up to 400 students with outside cooking and washing facilities, tents, and instruction space. Program contents can be a hybrid of your content and our yoga.

Those who wish to serve as volunteers are also welcome. The ashram will provide food and accommodation. Volunteers can expect variety of engagements: building construction, maintenance of plants and greenery, preparation of meals in kitchen, sweeping and cleaning, driving jeeps etc.