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Yoga Lifestyle Yoga-Lifestyle-Workshop

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10 Day Educational Retreat

Starting 28 December, annually

For mature Wellness aspirants seeking
Wisdom from the yoga path


Ancient wellness philosophy and techniques with yoga masters in a serene, ancient, desert ashram environment.

Program Benefits

  • Belief that perfect health is possible
  • Adopt ashram values, and bring them home
  • Incorporate yoga into daily routine
  • Learn to Cook healthy vegetarian meals
  • Identify habits and addictions
  • Find the guru Within
  • Join the ashram family

Free Amenities

  • Tour of desert sand dunes
  • Spiritual library
  • Fire Dance - Rajasthani cultural event (Nov-Feb only)
  • Shridevi Wellness Center - 3 Ayurveda healing services


  • Beverage bar : coffee, tea, fresh juice, medicinal teas
  • Local tours of temples and forts

About the Program

Experiential Workshop, emphasizing ancient yogic healing practices. Days are filled with:

  • Yoga theory and practical classes.
  • Ayurveda diet and nutrition lectures with personal dosha assessment
  • Yoga therapy consultation and instruction
  • Cooking demonstrations and a cookbook of traditional recipes
  • Karma Yoga
  • Inspirational reading and film
  • Self reflection exercises
  • Private meditation
  • Nightly puja & sastsang (song, music, dance and spiritual discourse)

About Us

Shri Jasnath Asan is the oldest educational & Spiritual institution in the Marwar Valley of colorful Rajasthan, blessed with the responsibility of healing with yoga. We welcome all to Yoga Lifestyle Workshops during the winter months at the ashram & throughout the world during the summer - for families, schools & communities.

  • Education
  • Truthfulness
  • Conservation of Nature
  • Love
  • Non-violence
  • Morality
  • Right Action
  • Peace and Harmony


Desert oasis 1.5 hours north of Jodhpur airport


USD 1200per person includes:

  • Transportation from Jodhpur airport
  • Shared double room with private or common bath
  • Access to all ashram campus activities
  • 3 pure vegetarian home grown sattvik meals
  • Ashram's cook book and all course proceedings
  • 10% early bird discount
  • 10% for couples registering together

All participants receive our ashram kitchen cook book


Well the food was out of this world! A new adventure every day.

- Robert, U.K.

Completely exceeded my expectations. So much learned, so interesting yet fun and exciting.

- Louise, Germany

The things that stood out the most for me were moments of personal realization, made possible by the insights and our experiences here. On a day to day level – fire dancers, sun salutation in the desert, the light, calm, beauty of the ashram, wonderful food moments. The birds at the ashram and tree farm, the crescent moon above us during puja, the bougainvillea and jasmine in the garden. Our room!

- Robert, U.K.

The whole lifestyle experience is one step towards having a healthier and more conscious future. So it is a kind of long term investment!!

- Sara, Spain

The WOW factor is to have Guruji as our instructor every day. What a privilege.

- David, U.S.

5 days after arriving at the ashram, with daily yoga class and individual therapy for back, hips and knees, I can almost sit cross-legged on the floor.

- Elke Zimmerman, Australia

My heart is filled with so much love and devotion for this experience. This is beyond what I expected to feel.

- Meghna Wood, New York

Life can be beautiful. I didn't believe it anymore before arriving at ashram...And now...THANK YOU

- Erika Di Crecenzo, Dancer, Italy

The most impressive thing for me is how much the workshop has taught me about yoga and its philosophy- it is about our whole lives and how and why. It has been very illuminating.

- Stephanie, UK

Program Faculty


Yogeshwar Surajnath Siddh

MA Yoga Psychology from Bihar School, President Shridev Jasnath Trust Yoga teacher and therapist, Spiritual counselor, Leader of Shri Jasnath Asan


Shreejan Sita

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist and Director Rajasthan Hatha Yoga Institute


Dr. Keshav Sharma, Ayurveda

20+ years of experience in diagnosis will administer a dosha test and suggest healing services.


Pancha Karma Technicians

1 male and 1 female certified technicians are on staff to administer healing services.


Yoga Teachers

Credentialed, master yoga teachers from around the world join the program to lead morning and evening classes.


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