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Aloo Ghobi, for beginners

May 15, 2017
Dal Days
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By Hillary Maguire

I'm writing this post five months after my month in India and I can still remember the hot hot hot sun scorching my hair, the browns and reds everywhere, the smell of dirt and cow poops and frying cumin. I can remember laying on my mattress (which was hott ...

Sprouts, for The Broken Appendix

May 08, 2017
Dal Days
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By Shreejan Sita

The appendix has been considered a vestigial organ in modern man. It had its uses for earlier man, before the evolution of homo sapiens. Then two years ago researchers discovered that it is actually a haven where good bacteria ca ...

Food from the bush

May 08, 2017
Dal Days
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By Dr. Estelle Fourat

Living at the Shri Jasnath Ashram as a karma yogi, I’ve been appointed to write the foreword of a first cookbook and to feed the food blog of the ashram. The subject of the article came to me naturally one day when a dish ...